New Will-Machado Black Belt in Geraldton

Posted on December 26, 2020 by Geoff Grant

Last night I had the privilege of awarding Braden Sweeney his Black Belt. He started training with me at the Geraldton PCYC as a 16 year over 11 years ago.

Early in 2020 Braden moved to Perth and continued his training under Leigh Burger as well as regularly seeking out and grappling with many of Perth brown and black belts.

As well as being a solid grappler with a well-rounded gi and no gi game he is an experienced coach with many years of assisting the planning and coaching in Geraldton as well as coaching in Perth. 

Congratulations Braden

Oliver Murray - Will-Machado Geraldton

Picture from L to R

Michael Jones, Braden Sweeney, Oliver Murray & Jasmyn Fairclough